Whole Milk Gallon

When it comes to organic milk, the product tends to have fewer natural vitamins and minerals than natural milk. The reason is because organic milk comes from cows who aren’t allowed to be administered antibiotics, therefore their milk must be pasteurized at a much higher heat to kill bacteria. While this process certainly does kill bacteria and harmful substances, it also eliminates the presence of any vitamins, like vitamins A and E. Those vitamins are usually put back into the milk at a later processing stage (you’ll see notes on some organic milk labels that say “Enriched with Vitamin A and E”).

Natural milk, which is the kind of milk we choose to produce at Sand Hill Dairy, uses low-level pasteurization, a method of pasteurization that eliminates any bad bacteria while keeping the natural vitamin and good bacteria present in the milk. Also, the milk doesn’t end up tasting “scorched.”

Cows on natural farms like Sand Hill Dairy also can tend to be healthier because, unlike organic cows, we give our cows the necessary medicine necessary to keep them healthy when they fall sick. We still follow all FDA regulations pertaining to antibiotics. We know that healthy cows produce healthy milk, so we take this part very seriously.

While here at Sand Hill Dairy in Fallon, NV, we choose to make natural, low-pasteurized, non-homogenized milk, we in no way intend to choose what kind of milk you drink. We do want to be a resource for the information you need from the dairy world to stay up-to-date.